Back to Life

bohemian fashion summer style fringe scarf Jireh De Jose

Greetings and Happy August!

The last full month of summer has come (sigh). I am not ready for Michigan fall or winter yet although those random polar vortex 60 degree days were a nice break from the humid 80s such as this particular day.

Favorite current revelation: I’ve had this beige lace scarf for a while and only knew how to wear it draped over my shoulders, probably how the lola who formerly owned it wore it. Thanks to my coworkers and YouTube, I learned how to tie it into a shrug/vest which I don’t have to constantly pull and shift over my shoulders anymore. Ingenious.

Last but not least, here’s a song to recharge your heart for today. I’m so excited to worship with this group tomorrow!


Have a great Monday, lovelies.

Top, scarf: thrifted
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Necklaces, shoes: Forever 21

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“Through the night, through the struggle through the trial, You have made my burden light. You have brought me back to life again.”
-“Back to Life,” Hillsong Young & Free


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