Michigan Fashion Week (MFW) Diaries: #1

Michigan Fashion Week Viking Sewing Machine sewing kit thread Fashion Patternmaking fashion patterns fashion design designer dress

Lights, camera, action…runway. Models strut down for three minutes, the audience chooses filters for their Instagram shots, bloggers memorize every hashtag, and buyers seek possible new collaborations. One thing I believe that is unfortunately overlooked during a fashion show is the process behind every garment. Countless hours, the never-ending seam ripping, and bloody fingers for months all comes down to a few minutes on a platform for a gorgeous 6’1″. P.S. There’s a bigger story behind a design!

So, with Michigan Fashion Week being 66 days away, I’ve decided to start a new series called “MFW Diaries” where I’ll be documenting production and snippets of the collection’s current status without giving away too much. 🙂 I’m excited to share this adventure with you guys as September 27th rolls around!

Until the next MFW Diary entry!

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R.C Sproul


Author: fashion meets God

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