Abigail: The Bigger Picture

worried woman with book

What do you do when an area of your life feels like it’s going in a downward spiral? When negativity overcrowds your life?

Be an Abigail.

In 1 Samuel 25, Nabal, a selfish and incompassionate millionaire, had a noble wife named Abigail. When soon-to-be king David asked Nabal to feed His army who was protecting his property and a contributing factor to Nabal’s wealth, Nabal refused. David’s anger grew so much that he and his army set out to destroy him and all he owned. When Abigail was told of her husband’s wrongdoing and consequence, she fed David’s 600 men without hesitation, asked for forgiveness, and was later rewarded more than she expected. David told her,

Praise be to the LORD, the God of Israel, who has sent you today to meet me. May you be blessed for your good judgment and for keeping me from bloodshed this day and from avenging myself with my own hands. (v. 32)

Abigail saw the bigger picture. She looked beyond the present crisis and used her God-given skills to promote peace. I love how the Bible states, “Abigail lost no time” when she took action to make things right. Although Nabal was rude and inconsiderate, she considered his life and employees. David had a change of heart all because of Abigail’s selflessness and serving heart. Ultimately the Lord struck Nabal down and Abigail accepted David’s hand in marriage. She went from being wealthy with an uncaring husband to a queen with a Godly man.

The God who found favor in Abigail is the same God who can uplift you from your present trials and challenges. Remember that He is omnipresent (Proverbs 15:3), omniscient (Psalm 147:5), and omnipotent (Matthew 19:26). Your workplace and unrealistic expectations, managers, co-workers, professors, company, parents, government, and everything else are under Him. If you feel overwhelmed, insignificant, negatively influenced, and you feel you’ve lost control of the situation, remember your breakthrough is right around the corner. Like Abigail, God will reward and lead you to better opportunities if you accept and revere to Him.


Father, I pray for all those who are under overwhelming and seemingly impossible circumstances. May we not be affected by negativity, gossip, and adversity. We put our trust in You because nothing is impossible with You. We are overcomers through You alone. May we not lose heart but keep pressing on towards all the rewards You have in store for us. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

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“Go home in peace…”
David to Abigail
– 1 Samuel 25:35

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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