Introducing, Emerald!

Hey guys and welcome! I feel like it’s been forever! How has your week going thus far?

Here is a quick little post on my latest project that I’m so excited to start working on! Remember the bridesmaid’s dress I created a few months ago? Now I’ve agreed to make her Junior/Senior Banquet dress! Here’s the pattern they gave me with the “B”/model design as the chosen winner. I haven’t used a pre-made pattern since my first skirt at Liberty University; I find them a bit more complicated because their measurements may not be included and adjustments that could have been avoided are inevitable. But we shall see!

IMG_6278Oh, and the machine to be used aka my new toy?

IMG_6280 IMG_6281My first Emerald 116! 🙂 Before purchasing I knew I needed a machine that was durable enough for layers and thick fabrics as denim designs have been whizzing through my head. After the disheartening realization of the cost of industrial machines here in the States and thorough research for a reliable portable, it came down to two machines: the Emerald and the Singer One Plus. The vintage appearance and extended base of the Singer were appealing until the specialist at Jo-Ann’s told me it’s great if you’re just hemming a few times a year. Yikes! She then led me back to the Viking and said its Husqvarna motor was more powerful. A few more nights of reading reviews later and I was sold. The only downside is its appearance. It’s so…white…and…boxy. The Eden Rose 250 was calling my name in all its pink loveliness but unfortunately it wasn’t available at Jo-Ann’s. Ahhhhh well it’s about the finished products, right? Now, can anyone recommend an overlock machine? 🙂

I can’t wait to share the final outcome with you all along with other creations! Until the next post!

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