Passion 2014: Houston Here We Come!



The above = my emotions for the past few weeks which greatly escalated within the past three days. In just eight hours, my friend and I will be making our way to Texas for Passion 2014. (!!!)

Words cannot even describe how excited I am. My heart is already overwhelmed at how God’s immeasurable power will move not only in myself but to thousands of other young adults at Toyota Center. There is no other way I would want to spend Valentine’s Day than to have fellowship and worship my first true Love. It is He who knew everything about me before I was born. It is He who cared for me even when I denied Him. It is He who has loved, loves, and will always love me because I am His. He created love. He is Love.

Father, I thank You for this opportunity to attend Passion 2014 in Houston. There is no mistake for every soul’s attendance because of Your sovereign purpose. As this generation grows and worships You this weekend I pray that You set us completely free. Change us, O God. Change us for eternity. May we be set apart from this world, that we will not be lukewarm, but that Your prominent calling for our lives will bring a dedicated and selfless application for the rest of our days. May Your precious name be glorified in all that it so deserves. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“Everlasting Father
Enduring love forever
Your kindness makes me stronger
You run to me
You run to me
I am loved, I am loved.
By my Father, I’m forever Yours.”
-Elevation Worship, “Everlasting Love”

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