Inspired By: Necklaces, stated.

Goodbye minimalistic charms and dinky chains, hello collar bibs, drooping gems, and bauble jewels. If you’ve taken a gander into any clothing retail store lately, you’ve probably noticed the accessory section bombarded with statement necklaces. Typically when you see a complex piece of jewelry you automatically assume it’s for some fancy-schmancy night out. The thought of wearing it during the day with casual wear can be a bit intimidating. However, it’s one of the best ways to easily elevate any outfit- even the ones you create 10 minutes before you dash out the door. Here’s some inspiration for your wardrobe (and possibly an accessory wish list) on how to wear these impacting pieces.




fd04acecb48713c95a57dc974c49f384 4b39c6b33b0c0ffc3f0759c782f5ba04Graphic

896f0a2617989ff830f1af0cb7101ef5 afdf3dd4521c0403f67f887d89df3438Plaid

d461f6111a82b151ea0560e89c9b6821Speaks for Themselves

6a4a872f961956a08a6ed952586d4e82White Canvas


Black Canvas

5ed7462234d6a61fd87f840fe9342d65 And those that simply just take over

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Check out the “Inspired By” Pinterest board for more inspiration as well as the sources for the above photos!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 6.54.34 PM

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