fmG’s Favorites from Spring 2014 Couture

Fashion never rests. After “fmG’s Favorites from Pre-Fall Fourteen” post, here we are at Paris’s couture shows for Spring 2014 and after viewing through the collections, let me just say…wow. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but there’s something about the word “couture” that sends me chills. It’s where design and production are at its finest. Why? Because at least 75% of the garment must be made by hand. Materials used are at the highest quality. And each piece is custom made to fit the client’s body to a tee. No wonder “haute couture” means “high sewing!” With that said, here are my favorites from the runways!

Elie Saab

YVL_4734.450x675Many may think there’s a lot going on in this dress- the asymmetrical long-sleeve, a peplum, a high slit, and not to mention it being completely covered in mini floral petals! It’s a mumbo-jumbo in one which gives it a unique personality. Sigh, if only the center slit were to the knees.

YVL_5147.450x675First word that comes into mind. Go: watercolor. The multi-colored ombré effect on chiffon looks so ethereal even against the black torso contrast.

YVL_5077.450x675Ready to be worn for the next Disney princess. Don’t even mind.

Viktor & Rolf

KIM_0127.450x675KIM_0066.450x675 KIM_0155.450x675Fashion meets dance. Even though Viktor & Rolf’s collection doesn’t consist of any bombardment of embellishes, I find these delicate frocks so adorable especially the bird illustrations. Plus, those models/ballerinas better “pointe” down that runway!

Zuhair Murad

Ultimate favorite collection!!!

YVL_6954.450x675White with gold detailing- I can’t even. The color palette of my possible future wedding dress. Love the leaf belt!

YVL_7074.450x675Another sleek, white, two-piece ensemble with black embroidery and the repetitive belt. 

YVL_7066.450x675Okay my Lord of the Rings fans, don’t you envision Galadriel wearing this? If you’ve ever questioned nude, gold, and silver together, the answer is above. It. works.

What are your favorites from Spring Couture 2014?

“Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.” -Psalm 97:11

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