fmG’s Favorites from Pre-Fall Fourteen

Pre-Fall collections are here once again! I didn’t even realize it until I saw breathtaking previews of Emilio Pucci’s collection on Instagram. Ahhhhh, the beauty of social media. slideshows quickly covered my desktop screen as I read over reviews and collections. Here are some of my favorites!

Emilio Pucci

Emilio_Pucci_015_1366.450x675  Whether you think of Lisa Frank or a ski get-up Paris Hilton would wear on the slopes, I can’t get over the bright colors! I’m a lover of colors synonymous to spring and summer and when they’re incorporated into cold season clothing, especially outerwear, it’s a done deal. Plus a pom pon beanie and a full fur neckline? Stop.

Emilio_Pucci_002_1366.450x675So maybe us Michiganders can’t wear a thin tunic dress like this during wintertime, but, add some leggings (and a cami) and it’s do-able, right? Hey, I’ll take the knee-high lace up boots at least.

Emilio_Pucci_004_1366.450x675The beauty just doesn’t stop! The print on all these looks is insanely gorgeous. The black, dye-like print in all its fuzziness blends perfectly with the hot pink, purple, and red-orange centered mosaic print.

Just Cavalli

Just_Cavalli_004_1366.450x675Anyone know where I can get a fringed purse like the one above? Keyword: “like.” One that’s waaaay less expensive? I’m not too big on the left model’s dress, however, let’s stop in amazement of the right model’s moto jacket. Fabric blocking with metallic blue sleeves with a shoulder pleating detail. Now, where can I find something like that?

Just_Cavalli_010_1366.450x675Once again, the jacket. I like how all the details aren’t symmetrical to each other. Who knew leather could look that good?

Just_Cavalli_014_1366.450x675Print overload!!! She’s like a walking piece of art. A masterpiece nonetheless.


Balmain_020_1366.450x675As one who finds ROYGBIV and everything in between on one outfit remarkable, the neutrals of Balmain stops me at my tracks. Army green and gold; total safari glam. And the intricate weaves across that jacket!

Balmain_019_1366.450x675Thank you, Olivier Rousteing. A full-out leopard print and gold hardware look. The bagginess on the notched collar jacket with mini leg-o-mouton sleeves balances the the sleek and totally chic high-waist pants. Girl just needs some door knocker lion earrings and red lips.

Balmain_032_1366.450x675Black leather and more gold hardware. Yes. Let’s all just revel at that inverted pleated skirt outlined with metal.


Moschino_026_1366.450x675  Just one look. One look is all it takes to know the aesthetics of Moschino’s PF ’14 collection is from none other than Jeremy Scott. I can’t get enough of this knee-length varsity jacket. And c’mon now, those baseball inspired heels!

Moschino_018_1366.450x675‘Nuff said.

Moschino_027_1366.450x675It’s a trench coat! No, wait, it’s a night gown! A trench-gown?

Moschino_003_1366.450x675That moto jacket purse. How can something edgy look so adorably cute? Sorry dress, the accessory wins this one.

Sometimes I have to step back from the runway and realize that behind all these garments are the creative minds of human beings and behind the creative minds of these human beings is God. The inspiration and creativity He gives to artists! In. awe.

What are your favorite looks?

P.S. Spring 2014 Couture is now ongoing!!!

“Jesus in Your name we rise. The glory is Yours, the glory is Yours.” – “Glory is Yours,” Elevation Worship

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