FMG Feature: Dinesha Johnson

Wax coated jeans are kind of the new kids on the block. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen these jeans before but I’m noticing them a lot more than usual, much to my liking. Wax coated jeans are easily becoming a favorite of mine for their subtle sheen, snug fit and they make a great faux leather alternative. Looking at the wax coated jeans I was sure these would be spotlight items, only brought out to take center stage every so often. After doing a little research (aka scanning my Bloglovin’ dashboard and Tumblr),I realized these pants can be worn many different ways. Playing with color was the first thing I decided to do when creating this mood board. By using color you can change the look from fun to edgy and day to night.

wax coated jeans
The first ensemble is a great daytime look. Slip into the creamy, chunky sweater so its fit will contrast the tightness of the pants to play with the silhouette (chunky sweaters are also great to hide food babies from heavy breakfasts or lunches). The colors are complimentary and with the added sheen of the pants, that’s what brings that subtle touch of character into play.

The second look is a lot more bold for a great night out with friends. The pink/purple wax coated pants already add a bit of “look at me”, so why not go all the way with some kick butt heels! I chose that motorcycle jacket because there’s the faint pink/purple in the print and the pants brings that out.


The third outfit is slightly more low key; I’d wear this out for a date or fun party. The look is mostly black but once again that slight shine from the pants adds a little more dimension than your everyday all-black look. The pop of color in the red shoes also makes this look New Year’s Eve party worthy.


The fourth and final outfit is for dinner with the family. Comfortable shoes, a loose fitted top (once again, perfect food baby camouflage) and a cute little clutch makes this look casual yet still chic. I can imagine doing a messy bun to top this sweet outfit altogether. Picking the pants in navy makes it a lot less edgy as well.


     A good pair of wax coated jeans may very well become your favorite new pants, given the versatility and effortless “oomph.” If you’re looking for a subtle statement look no further than these pants.Will you be giving wax coated jeans a try this season?


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Thanks, Dinesha, for the awesome insight on wax coated jeans! I’m totally loving the second look- it is just calling my name. Will definitely be trying this trend!


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“And let the peace of the Messiah , to which you were also called in one body, control your hearts. Be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15)

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