The Adjective

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSweater & dress: thrifted • Denim jacket: Jordache • Tights: Rainbow • Shoes: Forever 21 • Earrings: Love Culture • Hat: Charlotte Russe

Lesson learned: wear a hat like this during church fellowship and you’re fresh bait. Hrmph! Well, I for one love this fitted and am surprised it came from Charlotte Russe; the brand seems to be getting more edgy than its usual girly galore- I’ll take it! Also, if you’re looking for shoes that are affordable with excellent quality take a look at Charlotte Russe. I still wear boots I’ve purchased from there years ago!

It’s no surprise that tights are my go-to leg wear for the fall and winter (I’m not much of a fan of jeans) and my collection is surely growing. One of the best ways of achieving different outfits with tights and leggings is having a variety of different styles. Look out for deals such as Rainbow’s that offered three for $10. Don’t be afraid to check out the clearance section, too. Tights are tights; they don’t go out of style that often and you never know what you’ll find. Plus, I think they’re more affordable and more comfortable than denim. Cold? Leg warmers and knee high socks!

Tight TIghts



“Joy is the heart’s harmonious response to the Lord’s song of love.” -A.W. Tozer

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