FMG Feature: Terry-Ann Phillips

248713_654121997276_2928840_nFashion designer, Terry-Ann Phillips

A faith-based fashion designer? Yes, they do exist.

I met New York based fashion designer Terry-Ann Phillips this past July during the Skin 2013 event in Royal Oak. She showcased her chic and sophisticated collection which caught my eye and any other person for that matter with its color-packed designs. We connected through Facebook afterwards where I discovered she is a Christ follower through her blog “Saved and Fabulous.” What a powerful testimony she has, too! From sales associate to fashion designer, this woman has been through it all and because of her heart for the Lord, she is faithfully following God’s call for her life by sharing her faith and designs with the world. Read on for my interview with Phillips as she discusses her life as a Christian designer. Her answers are so inspiring and powerful!

How long have you been designing?

I started my design journey two years ago.

What made you want to be a fashion designer? 

Honestly, God showed me that this is my calling. I tried being a stylist, a merchandiser, you name it. I tried getting into the fashion industry for years by taking jobs as a sales person at various places such as Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and Armani with hopes to make it to the corporate office but that didn’t happen. So I gave up on that dream. A few years later I got baptized and I went to God and asked Him to show me my calling. I didn’t want to live another day not knowing.  

What is your designer aesthetic? What makes your designs you?

My designs are very unique I don’t try to copy any top designers; my goal is to create pieces that can be recognized as mine wherever you see it [with] a signature look.

As a Christian, has it been a challenge for you to work in the fashion industry?

The industry is a challenge in itself. Being a Christian has no hindrance at all. In fact, I believe it set me apart from the rest and it keeps me grounded and I look to God as my source, not the industry.

How has God impacted your life since you started designing?

He has been a major impact on my life. Oh my goodness I can’t begin to explain how many tests and trials I have been through on this two- year journey. And God picks me up and tells me not to quit and to keep going. I wanted to quit before I even started, but He didn’t let me. He’s my strength, my source, my provider, and even my designer. He gave me so many ideas [and] I just smile and say thank you God for that idea. 

What advice would you give other Christians who want to be a part of the fashion industry?

My advice is please make sure this is what God [has] called you to do. Second, seek Him always on everything you do. He will show you things and tell you things you need to know. Make Him your main source. Stay humble and prayerful. The industry is super competitive. 

“Blessed are those who know what on earth they are here on earth to do and set themselves about the business of doing it.” – Max Lucado

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