New York: Prelude


Sitting at Gate B6 flight 475 to Detroit made the perfect opportunity to reflect on this inspiring and motivating weekend trip to the city that never sleeps. The city that becomes a normal procedure to the locals and a dreamland to outsiders- New York.

I’m sure I can speak for a thousand other fashionistas out there who can say that when you go to NYC it’s no normal visit. It is not just a bustling city full of melting pot people, 19th century architecture, and Starbucks. No, it’s the motherland of fashion in the United States of America. It’s where hundreds of interns aspire to be a designer, stylist, publicist, or journalist, the dream of working (since interning is no longer an option) at any publication under CondΓ© Nast reinvigorates our minds, and attending New York Fashion Week is that of a child in a three-story candy store.

After a four-day weekend of doing completely tourist-y things, you can bet that there will be a ton of NY posts to come. As for now, I compiled a list from hours of people watching that you can do while you’re in The Big Apple.

Things I Experienced To Do (Or Shouldn’t Do) in New York City:

  1. Stay in a $700,000 apartment
  2. Run after a cab
  3. Take the subway
  4. Buy a magazine/newspaper for $12 from a street vendor
  5. Buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks, wear a scarf, and put in your headphones. Sunglasses are optional.
  6. Take the “Hop On Hop Off” tour bus
  7. Stop and stare smack dab in the middle of Times Square
  8. Smile at a stranger
  9. Compliment a stranger
  10. Have a friendly conversation with a stranger
  11. Check how fast your heart races after seeing a limo
  12. Walk at least five blocks before taking a bus, cab, and subway
  13. Haggle something in Chinatown
  14. Look down at your iPhone and walk for at least five minutes without looking up
  15. Enter the world’s largest store
  16. Count how many Banana Republics you can find
  17. Think of any movie with a NY scene and spot that place
  18. Obtain as much information about the city’s history as you can
  19. Feed the models. Then wake up from your daydream.
  20. Wear all black
  21. Catch up with an old friend over breakfast
  22. Be as tourist-y as possible. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square are all calling your name.
  23. Count how many men are wearing a suit and tie in the Financial District
  24. Sit in Central Park and hum a tune
  25. Always look your best. You never know who is poking fun at your hat from their tinted cars
  26. Be as friendly as possible to retail workers
  27. Pray that no flock of pigeons will decide to go to the restroom on your head
  28. Play the chorus of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”
  29. Realize the potential in expecting the unexpected
  30. Dream like you’ve never dreamt before

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“You cannot out-dream God.” – John Eldredge

Author: fashion meets God

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5 thoughts on “New York: Prelude”

  1. love it! so glad you enjoyed your stay here! next time you come we MUST hang out! There are other parts to the city that are just as sight-worthy as the rest, you would be surprised by what you would find πŸ™‚

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