Glam Punk

 Just JirehJust Jireh Just Jireh Just Jireh Just Jireh Just JirehJust JirehTop, accessories, jeans: Forever 21 • Hat: Thrifted • Shoes: Diba (DSW)

My frequent trips to Detroit for fashion events inevitably included settings of colorful graffiti which I am completely in awe of and appreciate the vandalism art. It’s like a public, open-air museum. You take in the random artistry and text (although 98% of them I can barely read) along blocks upon blocks in Downtown Detroit. These were taken during Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest a few weeks ago after a stroll through Gratiot and a filling, entertaining lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Although I’m not much for animal face tops, I love the two sides it portrays. One being the “glam punk” gold chain detailing which reminds me of M.I.A. x Versace’s upcoming collaboration and the other being the shredded back for that grunge look. Plus, it was a $5 steal. Accessorizing is the best way to amp up a casual outfit whether it be a hat, scarf, jewelry, or non-prescripted eyewear. It’s the cherry on top and the top coat to your freshly painted nails- they complete the look! Don’t underestimate its power. Oh, and about these shoes: five of my co-workers have the same boots and survive 8-9 hour shifts of constant walking with ease. Why? Because they are so dang comfortable. Can’t get enough of them!

TGIF and have a great weekend!

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Need prayer?

“Let the ruins come to life
In the beauty of Your Name
Rising up from the ashes
God forever You reign”
– “Glorious Ruins,” Hillsong

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