The Attendees


Dress: 10 Dollar Mall • Lace shawl: Salvation Army • Shoes: Steve Madden “Madhouse” boots • Earrings: H&M

So remember that YouTube haul video I made a few months ago and said I had no idea when and where I’d wear this dress? Thanks to Michigan Fashion Week, it presented the perfect opportunity!

 Scroll through, Fashionista, Women’s Wear Daily, Refinery29, or any fashion haven site and you’re bound to not only see a designer’s full runway collection but style shots of the attendees themselves. Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman’s galleries are just two examples of how street style has been making a major influence to the industry whereas before it was the designers dominating as a trend’s catalyst. Although many fashion insiders will argue that street style documentations are taking away from the vitality of the designers’ creations and the show itself, I can’t help but be fascinated and inspired by what the audience is wearing.

New York Fashion Week- Tommy Ton

London Fashion Week- The Fashion Spot

Milan Fashion Week- Vogue

Check out some stylish fashionistas/os I spotted at Michigan Fashion Week here!

Side note: I considered calling this post “Durian.”

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