I’ve Been Baptized (Again!)

124_11250790499_8048_nSeptember 2007


Five hours later and my heart is still overflowing with pure happiness and a passionate love for God. Today was a beautiful, beautiful day. Emotional, but in a good way. Bridgewood Church held its annual Summer Splash and more than 30 people were baptized today! Being baptized is an act of obedience to God as you publicly declare your love and life to Him. It also represents leaving your old self behind (being submerged in water) and becoming a new person (being lifted out). What a day for celebration!!!

The first time I was baptized was junior year of high school in 2007. Afterwards, Satan put out a full-on attack and I started to live for myself, gave into temptations, and only ran to God when I needed Him. Four years later, by God’s grace, I rediscovered His incredible love. I’ve learned so much more about Him in the past three years than when I was first saved as a little girl. It’s astounding how your life can change when you start to live for the One who created you. So, I decided to be baptized again to declare and re-devote my life to the Lord. To God be the glory!

Last tidbit: Your past doesn’t define you. Painful memories, times of brokenness and weakness, heartache, feeling incompetent, or hitting rock bottom does not mean that God decided you’d be the one with a terrible life. On the contrary, those were/are seasons that He allowed so that you could become closer to Him in order to live the best life. He made you. Actually, He really loves you, too.

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“We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” (Romans 6:4, ESV)

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Baptized (Again!)”

  1. I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx great photos

    1. Hi, Natalie! Thanks for stopping by and liking this post! God is incredible!

      Just checked your super chic blog out and it’s so cool how you’re just 16 and loving the fashion world. And going to school in France?? What an amazing opportunity! I would love updates on how that goes!

      God bless!

    1. Yara, congratulations on your new life! Doesn’t it feel amazing?! I pray that God will keep you safe from Satan as you continue to build a great relationship with Him. Thanks for stopping by and God bless as well!

      Sister in Christ,

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