Fashion District


Top: Salvation Army • Leggings: Luxury Girl Boutique • Boots & sunglasses: Forever 21 • Earrings: Love Culture • Necklace: Quiapo

Last day in CA! And a jam packed day it was!

Since we were leaving for MI the same day, we wanted to make sure we fit in time to venture through Downtown LA/LA Fashion District (LAFD). What is LAFD you ask? It’s a fashion-related business center that spans across 100 blocks and has over 1,000 stores of shoes, clothing, fabrics, notions, accessories, and more. I prepped all out the night before- two maps (transportation and location) were pre-downloaded, researched on how to commute from Downtown San Diego to Downtown LA to LAFD, and made a social media kit complete with Twitter and Instagram usernames for both LAFD and Santee Alley (LAFD’s most popular shopping area). So, there we were, our 4am wake up call to make our 6:45am Amtrak train ride.  It was so exciting!

1.Bought these loud, colorful leggings during the Spring Trends event with Luxury Girl and Love of Style by Erika. Super love these!!!

2. Made it a point to take some pictures in Downtown LA with a Starbucks coffee in hand…just because. Mind you I think Starbucks coffee is totally overrated (except for their bottled frappuccinos).

3. LAFD brings me back to the days of Quiapo and Divisoria. I’ve mentioned this one too many times, but it’s all so true! It’s not as tight and crowded as it is in the Philippines, but the shops’ set ups and displays of the merchandise were very similar to the markets in Manila.

4. Finally, a new video! I believe the last video I made to rev up a post was back in October. It’s short. Very short, actually. But I always try to document a new, exciting trip via video camera when I can so here it is!

How’d you find it? My second (but technically first since my first first video got deleted) HAUL video which includes some of the items I purchased from LAFD will be posted within the week so stay tuned!

Let’s stay connected on Twitter, shall we? @Just_Jireh

“We will not wish we had made more money, acquired more stuff, lived more comfortably, taken more vacations, watched more television, pursued greater retirement, or been more successful in the eyes of this world. Instead, we will wish we had given more of ourselves to living for the day when every nation, tribe, people, and language will bow around the throne and sing the praises of the Savior who delights in radical obedience and the God who deserves eternal worship.”  – David Platt, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

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