All Things New

It’s been a while since I did a faith post, hasn’t it? God had His purpose that’s for sure.

The past two weeks I haven’t been reading my Bible. For some, that’s extreme and to others it’s a shrug to the shoulders.

I haven’t always been constant in the Word. I didn’t start daily devotions until May 2011. After that, reading God’s scripture became a habit so incredibly necessary that I would feel incomplete and empty without it. Then there are the random spurts of intermissions. Times where I get so caught up in life and the busyness of whatever that I stop reading for a week or more. Thus, the domino effect begins where attitude and actions shift from Christ to self. I recently had one of these intermissions.

Full time morning shifts are not easy especially when you’re a newbie. Sleeping an extra hour became a priority rather than diving into His Word. I was still in prayer but I knew it wasn’t enough. Then I thought, “how can I be praying for specific needs and answers when I’m not spending time with You, Lord? Selfish much?” And so, the day I started reading again I received three emails on exciting upcoming projects and felt a rush of determination with a reminder for my life’s purpose. I didn’t deserve that. How good is He?

Photo on 5-23-13 at 10.46 PM #2

Sometimes that’s all God wants us to do. To be closer to Him. To come back and say, “Who am I without You?” That bottomless pit and weakness we feel may be just what we need to regain a bolt of strength. From there on He will make us new saying, “You may have left Me but I haven’t and never will leave you. You are My child and I’ll love you until the end of time.

“You’re making all things new and we are free.”

Lord God, thank You for your unending love. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to be new. We will never be perfect, but we were each created and designed by Your hands. Clearly you have a purpose for each of us. Let our minds reflect your love on anything that is truthful, pure, good, and commendable. In Christ’s name, Amen.

“Come near to God and He will come near to you…” (James 4:8)

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3 thoughts on “All Things New”

  1. I have been in your shoes lately Jireh. Neglecting the much needed Word of God that used to be the one thing I couldn’t do without during each day. Now it has become something I save for “later” which then becomes “never”. And I’ve seen how it negatively affects my walk with Christ and my life in general.

    It’s so important to dig into God’s Word. To feed off of His truth. To receive the daily encouragement that we need. The convictions to change our ways. The strength to go on. Thank you for the much needed reminder in my life! Be blessed!

    1. Isn’t He SO good? Just the way He works even when we are distant from Him is truly amazing grace. Who are we to deserve that? But He tells us, “Why not?” What an incredible feeling being a daughter of a King 🙂

      Thank you for visiting Just Jireh and God bless, Anna!

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