Neon Lights


Dress: Salvation Army • Necklaces & bracelet: Quiapo (Philippines) • Shoes: Value World

Happy Friday Eve! Summer fever is (or already has) approaching and neon is starting to become my color peg this season. I can’t say the days of darks are over since I’m currently wearing an all-black attire, but these pumped up hues have gotten me pumped up for summer 2013! *cheesy*

Neon has been around since since the 19th century after a German glass blower and physicist invented the Geissler Tube which then led to the discovery of neon colored gas when an electric charge was applied to the tube. Neon made its peak during the ’80s (surprise, surprise) and has been making a comeback for the past few seasons.

HOH_0310.450x675 HOH_0295.450x675 HOH_0355.450x675

House of Holland

_FIO1294.450x675 _FIO1181.450x675 _FIO1328.450x675


_OSC0636.450x675 _OSC0693.450x675 _OSC0297.450x675

Oscar de la Renta

Photo Source: (Spring/Summer 2013)

And, of course, an appropriate Demi song:

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