Beware of Christians

Does anyone love coming home from work and settling down with a flick on Netflix? I’ve discovered this luxury and have recently watched this:


These guys are so real. Completely down-to-earth dudes who want to know what people around this nation really think about God, Christianity, and their beliefs. They don’t throw out that they’re perfect and righteous know-it-all angels. “I am a Christian and I am a hypocrite,” was Will Bakke’s introduction line and one scene was of them playing Ray J’s “Sexy Can I” while searching for a homeless person to give a box of pizza to. They exemplified and experienced what many Jesus- loving, twenty-somethings are struggling with today.

Two years later…


This time they’re going through Europe and still as honest as ever. Topics include identity, materialism, sex and relationships, the church, wealth and poverty, media and entertainment, and alcohol. I have watched this about five times now and have learned so much by watching their journey. The last statement that Alex made is absolutely on point.

“I sit in church and I listen to the pastor… and his voice will change and everyone will get serious. He’ll start talking and saying, ‘If you’re out there and you’re not saved and you don’t know Jesus, just say this little prayer with me. That’s all you have to do.’ …But I just want him to add after that little statement, ‘All you have to do is say a little prayer’ and then right after say ‘and it’s gonna be the hardest decision you’ll ever make in your entire life.’ …You are completely surrendering and humbling yourself for God and changing your life. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make… The scariest thing in the world today is that there’s hundred of thousands of Christians walking around thinking that they’re saved…and that breaks my heart. If you’re truly a Christian and you’re truly trying to distinguish your lifestyle from this world, it’s gonna suck. And it’s gonna be hard. And you’re gonna be made fun of. But it’s worth it.”

If you haven’t watched these yet, I suggest you do! They will broaden your perspective and think about principles and morals in a different light. Most of all, you can identify, grasp, and understand the fullness of God and His love through these real conversations. Watch!

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