Worship Night at Bridgewood

Sunday. Sunday meant church, fellowship, life group, and Bible Series. But this one was particularly special. Worship Night at Bridgewood. She opened the doors of the House knowing what would happen but thought of what may be. As she walked in, friendly faces and warm smiles contrasted from the shivering cold and quickly filled her sights. A smile here, a greet with an occasional hug there. She made her way into the room, sat down a few rows from the front in the center, and waited. A few minutes passed by and the crowd continued to make their way in anticipating what was to come. Right on time, the lights dimmed and the team made their way on stage. The drummer made his queue and the night commenced. With each passing song, she not only wanted to worship her Father but surrender her every being. A look up to heaven here, a tear there. The moments leading up to communion were so moving and intimate that all she could say was “I am nothing without You.”

The night progressed and Pastor Tunde preached and preached he did. He called people to the altar: the blind, deaf, physically disabled, those who felt called to ministry, and the spiritually weak. Clusters of people slowly made their way up to the front and knelt down. The Holy Spirit continued to touch people’s lives as a deaf man regained hearing, a woman’s hip was healed, and child’s sight was restored among many others. Witnessing these experiences was incredible. Her heart cried out. Each tear that fell down her face represented freedom from each sin, doubt, and worry. It was there she felt weak. It was there she felt strong. Completely in awe and captivated by His grace.


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“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” (James 4:8)

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