Strangely Dim


Sweater: Express • Top: Rue 21 • Skirt: Forever 21
When: A Sunday afternoon

This week’s lesson was once received, forgotten, then remembered at the perfect time. It is this: instead of a grumble, instead of a whine, instead of a complaint, instead of looking for blurry answers, look at nature. Look at goodness. Look at wonder. Look at True Love. Be thankful then repeat. Cliché? Yes, but only because it’s that good and it never fails. Then you can get back on your feet to push yourself and keep going. I discovered this new song from Francesca Battistelli and it became one of those songs that you can instantly relate to. Maybe it can encourage you as much as it did for me. 🙂

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“We expect God to come looking for us, to explain Himself, prove who He is, and give us gifts. But those who are wise still seek and worship Jesus today, not for what they can get, but for who He is.” (Zondervan Life Application Study Bible, NIV)

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