What I Really Did At NAIAS

As mentioned in my earlier post, the real reason why I attended NAIAS was to style spot! I wasn’t quite sure what I would see, if I would catch anything interesting at all, but I know Michigan is hiding some fashionistas/os here and I had the urge to try and discover them. If you saw me and my little brother, we were the two Asians whispering to each other on who caught our eyes while blatantly pointing them out. Since I was going for my inner Bill Cunningham, candid shots was the goal. Now I’d say I’ve mastered the art of social media stalking, but this was a form of creepin’ that was completely new territory. Just saying. Here’s what we captured!


Thick, furry winter jackets. Can’t go wrong in Michigan’s -2 degree climate! This fella’s fresh white hat gives a touch of flair to his 20th century-like getup. SONY DSC

Graphic couple jackets? Michigan could definitely use some color during these grey days.SONY DSC

I apologize for the blurriness but this was one of my favorite looks! She wore a red and white gingham “Little House on the Prairie” skirt with deep red Dr. Martens. A different and brighter take on grunge than the occasional darker color scheme. SONY DSC

Grace Coddington, is that you? More furry apparel. So chic. SONY DSC

Some of winter’s most necessary pieces- knitted accessories.SONY DSC

So happy to have snagged this lady with red-magenta hair shaped into….I have no idea, but it’s so animated I love it. Katy Perry much?

Unfortunately the rest we took were too blurry to include, but I’m glad we were able to catch some people with personality in their outfits. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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