“Can I Have Her Hand-Me-Downs?”


“I’ma take your grandma’s style, I’ma take your grandma’s style. No for real, ask your grandma, can I have her hand-me-downs?

When my uncle showed me Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” video a few months ago, I thought it was hilarious; I haven’t heard a song about a thrift shop…ever. Then just a few days ago as I was scrolling through my YouTube feed, Alex G’s cover appeared and I immediately fell in love with her version. This. song. is. my. jam. Simply because I LOVE thrift shopping; it’s all about that hunt! Finding pieces that are unusual and affordable= Jireh. So when I heard the above lyrics I had to include her song with this post. Although I found this perfect fall/winter sweater within the walls of my house buried deep in a box, apparently it used to be my Lola’s when she lived in Michigan. I automatically included it in my wardrobe- sorry Lola! Ear cuff and necklace, Quiapo. Boots? The Army of Salvation (thanks, ma!)

In relation to my “Living to Live for 2013” post, getting plugged back into Bridgewood has been absolutely helpful post-holidays and getting back to the reality of life. Diving into the Word of God, listening and seeking His will for my life, and being vulnerable with how big of an impact He can really make is beyond. Bridgewood is starting brand new series that assist you on your journey through 2013. Who doesn’t need that, right? “Test Drive” on Sundays, Francis Chan’s “BASIC” series for Sunday night’s Velocity (which I’m so stoked for), and “JourneyOn” on Wednesdays. Let go and let God this year.

Visit bridgewoodchurch.com for more information!

Test DriveVelocity

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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