My Year With CollegeFashionista

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One day in November 2011, my academics advisor granted me the opportunity to be an intern for CollegeFashionista (CF), a fashion site for those who are passionate about campus styles and trends worldwide. I wasn’t exactly sure what the internship entitled, but I immediately said “yes” to the position as a Style Guru for SoFA Design Institute since it involved two of my favorite things: writing and fashion. Fast forward a year and 45 Fashionista/os later, I am officially ending my internship with CF.

I guess you can say this is my “ode” to CF, but I felt I had to blog about it because this internship has been such an awesome experience. Like any internship, it has allowed me to grow in so many ways. Not only have I grown as a writer but also as a person striving to break into the crazy world of fashion. It’s been an eye opener being a style spotter which in turn has made me appreciate individuals’ styles even more. Having the opportunity to be one of their Social Media interns as the @CFashionistaUK Twitter handler was also a learning experience. Communicating with industry influencers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Marissa Rosenblum has showed me how important networking is. And, of course, virtually meeting the other lovely Style Gurus around the world has been awesome. Being a member of a team that shares the same passion as you do is nothing but inspiring and motivating.

The above pictures are some of my favorite Fashionista/o style spottings which you can review along with the other reports at You can also review my Style Guru Bios from January, June, and August as well as the Social Media features from July and November.

Thank you, CF, for everything you’ve done for me in 2012. It’s been a great run and I’m excited to see it continually grow in the future!

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