Back in the U.S. of A.!

DSC00192DSC00150 DSC00153 DSC00161 DSC00166

Helllooooo America!!!

It still feels unreal to be home for good. I arrived last Tuesday and transitioning from humid weather and beautiful beaches to frigid, cold weather is rough. So rough I ended up getting bronchitis! Not to mention my jet lag is still kickin’ through my system. My mind constantly drifts off to my former two-year life in the Philippines with the huge malls and great shopping, the never ending amazing food, the exciting city life, and all the fabulous people, friends, and loved ones. Nonetheless, there’s nothing like being back home with family and my dog.

Going back to the weather, can I just say, it’s really freezing here. It’s kind of insane. However, one of the things I love most about this season is getting dressed (hello again knits!!). I feel like you can do so much more with your wardrobe thanks to layering; so far I’ve pulled out all of my knits, tights, legwarmers, and booties as you can tell from the pictures above. Quoted straight from my mom, “You know, people don’t wear purple tights in Michigan.” Yep, I’m back MI. What’s good??

2 thoughts on “Back in the U.S. of A.!

  1. I know your family is glad to have you home. It was nice to finally meet you in person. Nice working with you. You were great in hospitality. Sorry you are sick. Regarding the purple tights…..I love purple. Purple is never wrong…Just saying!


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