Puerto Princesa, Palawan


My last travel stop! I’m so happy we had the chance to go to Palawan since it was one of the first places to see on my list. This has got to be the cleanest province I’ve seen in the Philippines probably because there’s a strict no littering law (the third offense is PHP 1,000 and two months in jail) and it’s so beautiful! We were in Palawan for four days and three nights. Our first day consisted of caving at Ugong Rock located in Sabang. It’s filled with mountains of limestone and caves 23 million years in the making. Whoaaaa.

Our next and most exciting stop: The Underground River! Can I just say, this is why Palawan was a must see because the UR is one of the Seven Wonders of Nature (not World). After strapping on our life vests and securing our hard hats, we went through a cave within the mountain and besides the bats flying around, we saw the internal formations also millions of years old. We went through some “room” ceilings that were 65 meters above sea level. I was seriously so in awe of how God can create such grand things only to be discovered some forty years ago!

Friday was Honda Bay day. We went island hopping and snorkeling; again, I was in awe. Even though a fish bit my finger while I was feeding it, I was still amazed by all the corals, urchins, and different creatures under the sea. It’s a complete different world! Does anyone else wonder what it’d be like to be a fish in the ocean? I also tried to soak up as much beach as I could this day since it was my last beach day in the Philippines- boooooooo.

The rest of our trip was city touring, more sight seeing, going to the bay walk at night, and shopping. Palawan was so fun with lots of new experiences that came with it. Definitely coming back one day!

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