The Crystal Collection

Here are the official photos (and surely the final entry) of my final collection!

Inspiration: I attended a seminar last July 2011 called “The Significant Woman.” During this seminar they discussed how to live a life of significance through Godly faith. The main illustration used were pearls. A pearl was used to symbolize us; they are a unique, natural treasure of high value. Each one starts off as a grain of sand and over time they undergo natural processes in order to become a beautiful pearl. With that, I took the same concept but with crystals since they go through a similar process. I compared this with my life here in the Philippines. There were so many highs and lows and I underwent my own progressive processes that have made me who I am today. I believe my experiences here is similar to the journey of a crystal- shaping over time through all pressures in order to become something better.

Pieces: A play on sweetheart necklines, highs and lows, geometric shapes, chains, and embellished crystals. Elegant edgy. The geometric shapes represent the surface of a crystal that has jagged edges and symmetrical positioning. By God’s grace and strength, each garment was produced (except closures) by yours truly.

This was one of the pieces I modified. Originally, the corset and skirt had tulle until I realized it just looked like a white blur from afar so I axed the tulle and completely embellished the corset. For the skirt, I added organza to enhance the “high, low” concept.

This was one of the first pieces sewn. Originally this dress didn’t have the two organza layers but due to collection cohesiveness they were later added on. I wanted to include a simple and patterned embellishing ergo the flower-like “print.”

This was one out of the two dresses completely redone within a week’s time before the final judging. I wanted to interpret “crystal” more than just purely embellishing so I added geometric designs to somewhat represent the surface of a crystal with its jagged yet symmetric edges.

This is the second dress that was completely modified. I applied the geometric shapes and added gold star satin fabric to smoothly transition from the silver pieces to the following gold pieces.

A sure play on high and low! I refer to this dress as the “wing dress” for the obvious. Originally this dress had the same embellishing as the silver one with the two-layered organza but I revamped it for runway mode with chandelier-like embellishing and different usage on the chains. Oh, and please excuse the wrinkle wrinkles! By the time we arrived at the site, my ironing and pressing from the morning was completely thrown out the window!

This is probably my most favorite piece. Again, for runway reasons, I modified this dress by draping chains and crystals along the shoulder. I used the same chiffon fabric as I did for the “wing dress” which I absolutely love for its flowy-ness and two tone shade, it’s just a butt to sew!This dress was another one of the first created. It wasn’t included since I didn’t have time to change it, but I decided to add it to this shoot because the embellishing for this dress was RIDICULOUS. It took 13 hours to complete. Who knew one crystal would take so much time to sew on?

That’s it! Big thank you to my family who helped me embellish, Patrick Roxas for being my photographer, and Candy for modelling for this shoot!

I also wanted to say a few thank you’s to those who have supported and encouraged me the past few months. Sometimes the outcome we want doesn’t happen for God’s own reasoning so thank you to all who have reminded me of the good, positive things and to always keep my chin up no matter what the circumstance. And of course, to my Father who constantly reminded and showed me His goodness. He has surely restored me and has made me strong, firm, and steadfast.

To God be the glory!

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