A Day in Tagaytay

Now that I have ended school and officially graduated, you may be wondering what my next step is. One word: wanderlust. The month of November is all about traveling, exploring, and adventures. First travel destination for the month: Tagaytay! Now I realize that Tagaytay is probably just another getaway from the Metro and it’s nothing too grand to Filipinos who come here often, but I believe you should take in as much as you can from a place wherever you go. Landscapes, people, colors, smells, and food are all a part of new experiences.

We left for Tagaytay at 6am and about two and a half hours later we reached Picnic Grove. The weather was my favorite kind. It reminded me of pre-fall Michigan; sunny and breezy, cool and crisp. I couldn’t help but stare off into the total gorgeousness of the land in front of me with the world’s smallest active volcano, Taal Volcano, in the middle of the lake. Apparently it is a volcano within a lake within a volcano (Tagaytay)- how cool! We took in as much as we could since it was a one day trip. Zip lining, eating their best bulalo in a carinderia palengke (market) then eating the best halo halo dessert at upscale Taal Vista Hotel- how ironic. Our last stop was at the origin of one of my favorite facial scrubs, Ilog Maria. Gosh how I wish they sold this in the States!

The following weeks include trips to Subic, Kalibo, and Bohol and believe it or not I believe there’s so much more one can discover in Metro Manila alone as well so stay tuned for more updates as I take it back to the “tourist” level.

Until next time!

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