The Originals

I really love looking at the sketches of designers. I find them not only incredibly motivating but there’s just something about viewing an idea that was in someone’s head and seeing it executed on paper even if it’s just a whim on a scrap. It’s a whole different side that some people oversee because they usually focus on the final outcomes but I believe those final masterpieces wouldn’t be what they are without some initial sketching and creative mind detangling. So I’ve decided to show mine! I want to say “here’s a peek into my collection” but none of these made it into my final garments ergo “The Originals.” Instead, here’s a peek into how my brain works. This is all basically proof of me overthinking…I actually don’t think it’s healthy but I can’t help it! I remember sitting in Chowking in Divisoria months ago planning and mapping out all the necessary materials I needed in the right margins before I started buying. Being economically strategic was key for me, but, unfortunately, everything I purchased that day didn’t make it into the final pieces. Hayyyy lessons learned. Anyways, here they are! T-minus six days!

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