Styling Finals: Adam and Eve

My last final exam at SoFA! It’s so weird to think of considering it’s the end to all the finals weeks that came with the most challenging yet most rewarding experiences ever. But now this is the finale before the grand finale (hello there, graduation show!). For styling finals we had to interpret the word “orange” in any way and then create an all out editorial spread. After some brainstorming, my partner Chaley Tiu of Cesa Designs and I decided to do “The Garden of Eden/Adam and Eve” concept. We took the term “orange” and used it to represent the forbidden fruit. Our concept was to show the first half as light, blamelessness and innocence, falling into temptation, and lastly ending in darkness and obscurity. As you can see, as Hanna (Eve) takes a bite of the orange, it immediately turns into a “fallen world.” The following is our moodboard, storyboard, and editorial. It took about eight hours to shoot from start to finish. It was exciting to see our theme come to life and working with all these talented people!

Behind the Scenes:

Models: Hanna de los Reyes and Reggie Raymundo
Photographers: Nica Mapeso and Patrick Roxas
Behind the Scenes: Evan Yeung
Stylists: Chaley Tiu and Jireh De Jose

Other thanks to Dondi Belen Accessories, Tal de Guzman from Risque Designs, and Cesa Designs!

Thank you everyone once again! We couldn’t have done it without you! Much love ❤

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