Fort Santiago | Intramurous, Philippines

Trying to fit in this post since I’m well aware that it’s been almost one week since I blogged. Haayyy grad show…no comment! Thankfully Monday was a nice breather from all the craziness and my ever continuous to-do list. My family and I went on a tour around Intramurous! It’s very old Manila where you don’t see much but old crumbling buildings but at the same time it’s filled with it’s own kind of beauty and lots of history. I had a brief Philippine History 101 in SoFA, but this tour was an experience in its own especially seeing and learning about structures that have lasted for hundreds of years and certain people and events that have influenced the Philippines. Carlos Celdran, our tour guide, was such a trip! He managed to reflect sarcasm, mystery, happiness, seriousness and sadness in three and a half hours. Very entertaining indeed.

As for my OOTD, I wore something casual glam since it was purely a walking tour (besides our ride in the calessa! ) I’m not sure when my love for high waisted shorts will end, but I just found these shorts with lace trimmings and it pretty much grew even more. And these shoes! They’re glittered with a pointed toe cap! What’s even better is that they’re so comfortable to walk in once you break them in. Swooooon 🙂

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