Kalibo Day 2 + Life As of Now

One last Kalibo post! As I was packing for this trip I wanted to bring along this skirt because it just screams provincial. I mean, right? Next part- styling. I was automatically inspired by my good friend from Liberty, Jessica DiCaro! During my freshman year of college I admired her effortless sense of style- bohemian chic with oversize sweaters, ethnic accessories, and a full array of maxi skirts. This girl can pull off anything! This skirt goes 10-ways so I decided to wear it the classic way with a black lace tank for texture, a scarf I used as a headband for mish mashed prints, and minimal jewelry from Mango. Thanks for inspiring me, Jess! 🙂

So life has recently been hitting me with a number of things which are all exciting yet nerve racking at the same time. I am currently sewing my graduation collection, continuing to intern for CollegeFashionista for their new fall term, an interview for another internship, styling finals, and a dance audition for one of my favorite artists. There was a point last week where I felt uneasy about it all. I also tend to create scenarios of the future in my head of both success and failure which doesn’t help the matter. I really had to back track and remind myself that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Daily struggles and challenges we face everyday shouldn’t discourage us but rather strengthen us to become better. After yesterday’s message in church on humility, my heart was overflowing of emotions. A God who created the entire universe is still mindful of me and He’s bigger than any of my worries. Instead of complaining, we should rejoice during trials which helps us develop endurance, character, confidence, and hope (Romans 5:3,4).

So if you are feeling like I did then I encourage you to bring all your cares and burdens to Christ. Talk to him. He will uplift and carry you out to strengthen you for your next move. And if you need a little more push you can tape a daily reminder on your door. 🙂

Be blessed ❤

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