Aklan, Philippines

Hello again Kalibo! I went to my parent’s hometown last week with my family and it was a such a blast! There’s nothing like spending quality time with family and loved ones especially if you don’t see them very often. Much of the week consisted of going from place to place to visit my dad’s old friends and relatives. It gave me a glimpse of his life before he migrated to the States which made me admire him even more. We went to Balete where he spent most of his early childhood. It is basically a province with nothing but rice fields and mountains. Sounds kind of dry but on the contrary it’s beautiful. Definitely a nice break from Manila’s pollution.

When people think Kalibo, they automatically think of Boracay, however, most don’t know the other must-see areas of Aklan like Jawili Falls and Jawili Beach. The first time I was here was back in 2005. Fast forward seven years later and it looks exactly the same- waterfalls with seven basins of cool, clean, clear water and sky high walls of rocks and cliffs. Such a gorgeous place and plus there weren’t many people there! My mom and I hiked to the higher basins which was definitely an adventure, but once you continue making your way to the top, your eyes get even more of a treat. It’s calm and quiet; all you can hear is the water current and nature’s melody. Despite the torrential rain that occurred this past week, the Philippines does have scenic areas to offer. God’s creations are incredible!

Here’s a video mash of my week in Kalibo. Oh, the memories.

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