New Hair, New Ears

Finally got a haircut! I wanted lots of layers since my mom would be bringing in my new flat iron for curlation (yep, new word) and when I did it went straight flat from the rain. I’ll be honest, I am so over this whole “rainy season” weather! People always use the phrase “bed weather” here and I thought it was the lamest excuse, that is, until this past week. I am struggling to get motivated in this weather since it’s constantly off and on/morning to night here. Hence my vibrant outfit of the day! A hot pink and black ensemble that definitely brightened my mood. And, of course, my perfectly matching bonggacious flower earrings. By the way, new piercings! Nothing major, but I was excited for them anyways. Now I’m looking into a nose piercing- anyone from the Philippines know of a place in Metro Manila? 🙂

Exciting news: my family is here!!! They arrived three days ago with a ton of pasalubong (treats from the States- next post!). It was like Christmas all over again! I haven’t seen my dad and little brother in over a year so it was so nice to reunite with them again; I almost about cried. Just wish my kuya Jeremiah was here as well. 😦

And basically, this is what my little brother and I do when we’re together.

Until next time!

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