Work of Art

Hello! How’s everyone’s week going? And to my motherland, how was your Fourth of July? 🙂 I am definitely missing my dose of the annual fireworks, food, and family. Plus I missed out on a red/white/blue stars and stripes outfit opportunity. Le sigh.

I wore this to class about two weeks ago. Paisley print, black leggings, a pair of nude heels, and some brass accessories. Comfy and movable yet still presentable.

Currently I have been in the process of producing my final collection for the graduation (Eeeeeep! Three more months!!!). I conquered Divisoria all by myself for the first time Wednesday *clap clap clap* Six weeks to produce six garments. Thankfully to help me get by, I am on a Jane by Design high! It’s an ABC Family TV show about this girl who is balancing two secret lives- one in high school and one in high fashion. I don’t re-watch TV episodes unless they’re really good, but throughout this week I found myself playing episodes 1-14 while designing and patternmaking. It’s so inspiring! I’ve also had the show’s theme song on repeat nonstop. Such a feel good song. Listen to it here! 🙂

Until next time!

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