Afternoon at Taft

A couple weeks ago I went to Taft with three friends for an afternoon outing. The Taft area is so foreign to me since I normally don’t go there due to the long haul; little did I know there’s this whole other student world over there! I got a little excited because I haven’t experienced a big university since my Liberty days and I sorta kinda miss it. For me, there’s just something about seeing the hustle and bustle of students and barkadas whether they’re in serious study mode or sharing a plate of fries and laughter.

We went to Zark’s for lunch which is basically this hidden burger joint that needs way more branches than their current two. The burgers are on point!

Zark’s Ultimate Burger

Fried Mars Bar dessert (ridiculously good)

Afterwards we went to the cutest cafe/resto lounge called Noriter. It reminds me of those cozy country cafes where you can find yourself staying at for hours and not realizing it. You can “vandalize” in your nook while you’re lounging around and there are crafts and knick knacks everywhere that give a young, mellow, and artsy vibe. It’s the perfect place to unwind.

Thanks Ally, Jess, and Anna for a fun afternoon! 🙂

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