Shiseido Review

Here’s the set I purchased from Shiseido way back in October from my last post. Like I said, I was happy on the purchase because I saved more than $100- it was that great of a deal as in. Even the packaging is nice, right?

My relationship with Shiseido started in 2010 when I asked this derma what the best foundation was for oily/sensitive skin and she recommended Shiseido. I was using their compact foundation for a while, but it wasn’t until I ran out that I noticed my skin was getting clearer without it so I discontinued it. Anyways, of course, because it’s been about eight months since I bought these products, I’ve tried and tested each one. Here are my reviews for the following:

The Languid Lagoon (blue) and Tiger Eye (gold) cream eye shadows. These are two of my favorite products from the set. They are easy to apply and the pigments are really strong. I used Languid Lagoon for the look I created for the competition, and it stayed for a while. A little definitely goes a long way.

Not the greatest concealer. The consistency is a little too liquid-y for me and barely conceals anything. I’m looking in on trying Nyx’s Concealer in a Jar. Any thoughts? 🙂

I’m currently using this mascara with a full two coats and I like it for the most part. I like the wand because it’s long and convenient. Plus it stays on all day. However, after a few weeks, the formula gets clumpy and dries out easily. It does the job, but I’d rather stick to my Maybelline and CoverGirl mascaras.

I’ve only used this a couple times and from what I remember…it didn’t do much either. It’s a base that’s supposed to be applied before the foundation, but my foundation seemed to smudge and oil up quickly. Currently I’m using Rimmel’s Fix & Perfect foundation primer. I’ve been going back and forth on it for about three years now. Awesome primer that’s affordable except for the weird smell…

I used this powder for some time and I’d have to apply it more often than I would like to. Definitely not long lasting and I feel like it contributed to some break outs as well. I prefer Urban Decay’s Deslick powder or Bare Mineral’s Mineral Veil. I forgot how much I love BM’s Mineral Veil! I used it all throughout high school, but when their foundations didn’t have its coverage for me anymore, I stopped using it. It works wonders and is a great finisher.

My other favorite product from the set. This is their eyebrow palette; I never filled in my eyebrows before I came to the Philippines but it’s definitely a trend here. The dark shade alone is too dark for me and the light brown alone is too light so I mix the two together. Before I was using Nyx’s eyebrow marker which I didn’t mind because it gives a great natural effect, but I don’t mind Shiseido’s. I’ve used this for months now and I’m still at the brim.

And lastly, two Perfect Rouge lipsticks in Cerise and Venetian Rose. I absolutely love these lipsticks. Cerise is the perfect combo of a dark red and fuschia pink while Venetian Rose is this mauve lavender color. I use these nonstop.

In all, it’s a half-half love/dislike mood on this set. I believe Shiseido is geared more towards normal, non-sensitive skin but I’d definitely go back for their eye shadows and lipsticks!

Until next time! Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

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