Fierce Feline

I joined the fall/winter makeup competition that Shiseido was holding last October- I know, MAJORLY overdue post. Unfortunately it didn’t push through for some mysterious reason. Each applicant had to purchase a box filled with their makeup (reviews on my upcoming post) and then create a look not limited to their products. That was the highlight of the process just because they marked down the entire set more than half off the regular price. What a deal!

My muse was none other than Hanna de los Reyes. I was inspired to do a feline look on her because of her “LeWildFox” counterpart. Since it could be anything from regular to costume, I chose to go towards the costume side because I thought it’d be more fun. I conceptualized, practiced the look on myself, completed the look on Hanna, and the rest is history.

We were also required to submit a video about ourselves and a tutorial on the look. SUPER cheesy video my apologies! I’m hesitant to upload it, but, oh well. *to insert or not to insert “YOLO” here*

Big thanks to Hanna for being my model and Trisha Saguil for helping me with the video! 🙂

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