The Final Collection: Week 2

This term at SoFA is a big one! I’m taking the “Design Studio/Final Collection” class which is basically a whole term dedicated to the graduating students’ final fashion show held later this year. Our theme? Origins and Evolution!

Yesterday was a brain drain as we were brainstorming, creating our moodboards, and start designing onto paper. If you know me, you know that this is one of my favorite parts during the design process. There’s just something (magical- I’m such a cheeseball) about deriving inspiration and imagination and translating it onto a piece of paper with a few strokes. As I was researching, I was reading through this book (above) “Fashion Designers’ Sketchbooks” by Hywel Davies. It’s a compilation of some major designers and a look into how they work and how they organize their concepts and designs. Um, inspiring much?!

I’ll be starting a new video segment for this class that will show what we’re doing from conceptualizing, to production, until the final outcome. Here’s the first ’30 Seconds Around the Final Collection Class” video: Week 2!

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