Kalayaan 2012

First of all…WELCOME! I am so excited to start blogging on this new platform although I must say that it’s much more complicated than Tumblr. Must. Conform. What do you think of the new Just Jireh?

Secondly, Happy Independence Day, Philippines! My Lola and auntie took me to Rizal Park to experience and celebrate Kalayaan and it was a trip. We did a lot of people watching, picture taking, and a whole lotta walking. Thank God I opted to wear sneakers for the day which also called for all out casual since the rain didn’t cooperate with anything else anyways. I can’t get enough out of these printed pants which are taken from my Lola’s closet once again. They’re just so comfortable!

As for the atmosphere of this holiday vicinity, I really love being in this area of Manila. Fresher, cleaner, greener- yes. It was such a Filipino scene- kids were flying paper kites or happily holding their new found Finding Nemo/Angry Bird balloons, street vendors were selling Philippine flags of every size, picnic setups were sprawled all across the grass with families, couples were arm-in-arm…face-in-face, Gary Valenciano blasted through the loud speakers, and the countless rows of tents selling their pinoy pride merchandise.

We stayed for the fountain/light show where I somehow reversed back into my 6-year-old self and was so in awe with water splashing and the synchronized music choreography. Haha, oh dear.

Pink popcorn!

Jose Rizal (national hero) Monument

Introducing my Auntie Jing aka my photographer 🙂

So there you have it! I’m glad and thankful I was able to experience Kalayaan in its actual homeland with a flock of Filipinos. I’m also thankful for my creative metaphors.

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