Finals Finale

I’m baaaaacckkkk! I have deserted my blog for too long it seems, almost two weeks to be exact, and it made me realize how much blogging has become part of my weekly routine. If you haven’t guessed, finals basically took over my life for the past two weeks. It was by far the hardest and most gruesome for me during my experience in SoFA with no exaggeration.

Finals in fashion is all about balancing different tasks, meeting deadlines, and time managing. It’s when you need to leave 12 hours of beading and embellishing alone for one garment which accounts for pricked, slightly bloody fingers. It’s when a pin wrist magnet becomes an acceptable accessory. It’s when a single brush or marker stroke can make or break your entire illustration. It’s when sitting at a sewing machine for 8 hours straight is normal only having to realize you must rip your seams due to a forgotten procedure. It’s the time you see students breaking out their suitcases as their new school bags and the look on their faces reflect how many hours (if any) of sleep they’ve gotten. It’s when you see the hallways filled with sketchpads, illustrations, dress forms, papers and projects. It’s when you pin and drape for half a day then noticing it’s not on bias so you have to start all over. It’s when the word dietΒ doesn’t exist and you eat whatever and wherever you can. It’s when final fashion shows and shoots are showcased throughout the school while being mesmerized by the work of fellow students. It’s when the sewing room and pattern room are cluttered with pattern paper, scraps of different fabrics, and abandoned scissors, snippers, measuring tapes, and coffee cups. And it’s the only time when you wish you could actually sleep over at school since you’re the first one in and the last one out anyways. This just goes towards my defense that fashion industry and fashion majors should not be belittled!

With all that said, with much thanks to Hanna and her family, I spent the entire week at her house since she lives literally two minutes away from SoFA. It was a week filled with some of our favorite TV shows (Revenge and Once Upon a Time), sleepless nights, an overload of junk food, tears, Alexis Jordan, and crazy dancing. Overall, they went well and definitely ended on a high note. I would not have gotten through them without God’s strength that’s for sure! I also very happy and excited to announce that they were the last final exams I will have in SoFA! It’s so weird to think that my time in SoFA is soon coming to an end. So thank you Jesus for being with me every step of the way!

The following are just some pictures and videos I documented from the past couple of weeks. πŸ™‚

Until next time!

Finals aftermath…

Summer here I come!!!

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