My Commute Attire: Before and After

One of the biggest things I had to adjust to when I moved to the Philippines was getting to and from school. Hands down. I could no longer rely on driving a car and had to learn how to use the MRT train station. If there’s one thing my auntie constantly told me was to not wear anything flashy and to be aware of my surroundings. This brought me to my minor fashion depression (as I call it) my first few months as I came to school in shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, a ponytail, and perspiration from my hour long journeys…yikes. Since then I’ve embraced an appreciation for the MRT and have learned my tricks for becoming more presentable in school.

I wore this when I commuted to SoFA with my mom who took my before and after shots (thank you!) I basically travel to school with no jewelery, always flats, and baggage. Fast forward an hour later and I “transform” (as she puts it) with make up retouching, an array of accessories, and heels. A few spritz of perfume and #boom!

Author: fashion meets God

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