Visit to Wawa II Las Piñas

Non fashion related, but I decided to share my heart-touching and God given experience with you guys anyways. My auntie, mom, and I went to the urban poor “squatter” area in Las Piñas, Parañaque last Wednesday. I had no idea we were going here and once we took a rope-drawn raft across the dark, murky water, I knew this was surely going to be a new and interesting experience. Fast forward an hour later, we conquered walking across rickety bamboo mini bridges which was above faded garbage and dirty water, learned how Mission Ministries Philippines have been working through different urban slums throughout the Philippines and bringing more people to Christ, prayed for a broken woman who had five kids with her husband in jail, and interacted with the community even if it was just sharing a smile.

We always drive past squatter areas not realizing what’s happening within the actual area itself. Seeing these people living among trash imprinted ground and children not wearing clothes and playing among the landfills and filthy riverbanks can be heartbreaking. However, the work that MMP is doing through these people and the smiles that you see shine on their faces reminds me of God’s goodness and His blessings overflow. The fact that He’s given these people the mindset that they must leave their comfort zone in order to serve these people is beeyonndd. So, the life you thought was unbearable, frustrating, and stressful immediately becomes a small spec and bam- you have got it SO good. Serve others, serve God.

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