Warm and Paisley

Top: Charlotte Russe ~ Shoes: Steve Madden ~ Necklace: Quiapo ~ Nails: Forever21/Bobbi

I’ve always had a thing for light and flowy tops with big butterfly-like sleeves, however, I was never a big fan on paisley print. I always thought it was worn as oversized blouses by peace and love/hippie/imagining the past and future kinda people, gets? Yet I’ve grown into it; I’ve had this top for a while and it has run in and out of my closet many times during the A/W season. A big comeback trend are flared, bell-bottom pants (which does no justice to my wardrobe since all I have are skinny jeans still…thank you Rachel Zoe) and I love the fit of these slacks! Lastly, helloooo holiday nails! I’ve realized that nail polish makes me happy, and I’m not just saying that because it was the first adjective that came into mind, but as in it literally puts me in a happier mood! I mean, we always work with our hands right? Feeling blue? Just look down at your pretty nails- *happy world* 🙂 …or is it just me?

Christmas is just around the corner! This movie kind of freaked me out for some reason, but I always play this song during Christmas because it’s quite a pleasant song to listen to during this time of the year and it also reminds me of my brothers (“the herald angels sing, I never hear a sound) I miss you two, I’m patiently waiting for our Christmas reunion when we’re all together again :*)

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