Naughty Monkey


Tommy Hilfiger top, Levi’s shorts, and blue suspenders (all thrifted) ~ Quiapo necklace ~ Naughty Monkey heels 

Daniel and I decided that we will start taking photos together as we continue to try and fit into the world of fashion blogging. So here’s our first shoot! I haven’t taken these suspenders out since my first “Fashion Friday” of SoFA aka my first outfit post (wahhh ridic). These are one of my favorite pair of heels, not just because they are weirdly named “Naughty Monkey”, but because they were only $10! Btw, don’t you love my friend, Trisha’s, outfit?! Her necklace is LOVE and of course her setting just had to match her look 🙂

As for our group shots, we played with our “twin” reflection from SoFA’s fish tank which was so fun, and with a glass wall, you’re bound to get double-take stares from people on the other side. Haha 🙂

Until next time! 

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