Batik Ain’t Bleak

For our Philippine Fashion final we were to sew or style a garment(s) and put together a Filipino look with a modern twist. Originally I was going to buy and style a look since I had so much sewing to do for my sewing class as it was, but since I made a trip to Divisoria and the available fabrics were at my fingertips, I thought ‘Why not just sew something!’ Ergo my look: a hole-y floral crop top, batik-like skirt, headband and necklace from Quiapo, and wedge heels from SA. Thankfully it only took a day to sew the top and skirt. We each cat walked through the room and then discussed the inspiration behind our garment, and afterwards, food time! 

With Caroline Patricio and her amazing creation and Dan Duran

Jean Espeleta (Thanks for the pictures!)

On Sunday I wore my outfit to church (with a tank underneath of course!) and styled it a different way. I bought a couple hair feather accessories at Divi and wore one of them, which I later got ridiculed for by my family for representing the Native Americans -___- Haayyyy!

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