Laguna Field Trip





My Mixed Media and Creative Problem Solving class went to Paete and Taytay Falls, Majayjay, Laguna for a field trip. Total full day; we woke up at 4:30am, left school at 6am, and arrived back at school around 11pm. Hayyyy.

a. Wood carving- no my camera doesn’t have poor quality, it was that dusty in there! The workers showed us how to carve a nutcracker and a santa so I carved a nutcracker 🙂 Sadly the workplace was poor; barely any lighting, poor ventilation, and it was super messy, but carving was…interesting, I needed a lot of help from the workers!

b. Ice carving- apparently these two ice carvers are internationally known (whaa) so they carved a harp with a flower sculpture in less than 20 minutes. Then they prepared two huge blocks of ice for us students to carve. What else to ice carve than a swan, right?

c. Paper maché- this brought me back to my Pearl Lean Elementary days when I did paper maché for the first time. I also remembered how much I disliked touching the nasty paste :/. We paper machéd horses, why horses you ask? No idea. Next…

d. My favorite part of the trip! We were 3/4 done and a lot of us wanted to go back to Manila after the paper maché since we were soo pagod, but thankfully we stopped by Taytay Falls! We took a 10-15 minute jeepney ride then had to basically hike a mountain to get to the falls. That was the first time I actually hiked terrain so it was nice yet scary, but we survived! We finally arrived to the falls and the landscape was incredibly pretty. We were literally in the middle of nowhere, but it didn’t even matter because of the beautiful sight of nature surrounding us. Lovely. What a field trip!

Click here for video! 🙂

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