If I Had a Summer 2011

As this being my first year not having a long summer vacation due to educational purposes, I am hoping everyone back home is having a wonderful summer…and I am so jealous of all of you! 

Besides the usual saving turtles cross the street with Vanessa, the pleasure of curling my tresses and dyeing a chunk of it red, attempts at being reckless, stargazing, and the classic drives with the windows down, music blaring, and shades on not having one worry in the world, these are the top things I would have done during my summer 2011. Here’s one big tumblr photo dump (I own nothing) aka my wishful summer inspiration

  1. Bonfires. I cannot tell you how bad I wanted one when I was home, but never got it 😦 There’s just something about bonfires and literally being surrounded by friends and fun spirits. 
  2. Eating ice cream at Cook’s and Frosty Boy and basically anything unhealthy without caring and counting any calorie. (Isn’t Drake a button?)
  3. Bathing suits + girlfriends= whether it be at a beach, pool, deck, yard, etc.
  4. Not because I don’t have enough of this, but because who doesn’t want more?
  5. Mudding. I’ve never been surprisingly since I’ve been living in Ortonville for a while now and this looks INSANE!
  6. Tubing. I’ve never been either. I know I’m so terrible- I will never forget the day we did a poms intro game and when asked who’s gone tubing, every single girl went in the center…except for me… 
  7. And of course looking as summer-chic as ever with a mix of feminine and hippie details.

Summer 2011 theme song: Prima Donna” -Christina Aguilera

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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