The Significant Woman

“Jireh, I admire your guts! Leaving your comfort zone was already difficult but this part of your journey you will always remember.”

Last weekend I attended a seminar with my two aunties and my Lola at Max’s Restaurant (first time!) This was my answered prayer from my previous week and probably the best woman’s seminar I’ve ever been to. I didn’t really think much of it at first, but little did I know it made me want to become a better person in every single area of my life. I am not perfect (well, no one is) and I have done things I wish I’d rather not have done (I’ve especially realized that after the past few days) so it was definitely a spiritual refreshment, or, as my bff Hannah would say, a “spiritual slapping.” The sticky-note hearts were notes of affirmation written to each person in our group, then we posted them onto ourselves. Very encouraging and uplifting!

As for the fashion portion of this post, I didn’t get a chance to take an OOTD which I know I’ve been lacking on 😦 So here’s a Polyvore set that somehow represented what I wore…

Thrifted lace top and light pink skirt with my new nude heels (finally) from Janylin!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July as well!


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