As Dark As The Future

If you’re terrified because you feel like you’re at a time when you have little hope and little faith not only in yourself in the present, but with your future self, tell yourself to stop immediately. All you will see is faded, black and white cloudy days. Somehow for some reason, I was in this state for the past week and it was nothing but darkness. A day didn’t go by without a tear falling from my face and loving people who give me the encouragement I need felt like shadows so I shut them out which was bad. My thought-life was so chaotic. I feel like I have so many high expectations from people and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I don’t know what’s in store for my future and where I’ll go/who I’ll be/what I’ll be doing, but I know one thing’s for sure- I can’t be held hostage to it. 

Thank God for God and fashion. I’ve been clinging on to Christ for total comfort and peace. I know all He’s telling me is to FULLY TRUST Him and to give Him FULL CONTROL. I’m thankful that this is all happening because I know this is molding me into the woman God wants me to be. Going to the “The Significant Woman” seminar was a total spiritual refreshment (which I’ll blog more about later!) Then there’s fashion- translating my feelings to clothes with my fantasy closet, Polyvore. That’s the beauty of fashion. Plus, I got to do some practice on my illustrations :). It was probably the only positive side of being non-social on Facebook and Twitter. 

“Believe in Me”- Demi Lovato

*Making a comeback!*

Author: fashion meets God

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